How to Get Started with Solflare

An introduction to the methods for creating wallets with Solflare

How to become a liquidity provider on Orca

This guide shows you how to earn some yield as a liquidity provider (LP) on Solana’s most user friendly DEX.

How to Unstake SLRS

Undelegate your SLRS and claim staking rewards

How to Stake SLRS

Earn rewards on your SLRS tokens by staking them

How to Stake SOL

Earn rewards on your SOL tokens by staking them with Solflare

How to Unstake SOL

Undelegate stake accounts and claim your SOL staking rewards

How to Connect to dApps

A simple guide for accessing Solana’s ecosystem of dApps

How to Swap Tokens

Easily exchange one SPL assets with Solflare

Creating a wallet with a Mnemonic

Recommended for people new to the DeFi world

Generating a Wallet with a Keystore

Have a wallet backed up with a keystore file? Use this guide

Generating a wallet with a Ledger

Want to connect a hardware wallet? Use this guide

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