I lost my recovery phrase/private key, what can I do?

Solflare is a “user custodial wallet”. This means that no one controls your accounts except for you (or anyone else who gets ahold of your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys). Since we do not hold your private keys on a server that we maintain, or for that matter, at all, we are unable to recover them for you. The last resort is that you are hopefully still logged into that wallet on any device (mobile phone, browser extension, web) and you could export your recovery phrase or the private key from there.

Web and Extension:

  • Access your wallet
  • Click on the account switcher icon (PFP)
  • Hover over the desired account with your mouse cursor and click on the settings Gear symbol.
  • Finally, select the option Export Recovery Phrase or Private Key.


  • Access your wallet
  • Click on the settings icon (⚙️)
  • Click on your account on the top of the screen be sure the desired account is selected with the orange check mark and click EDIT on the top right.
  • Click on the gear (⚙️) symbol next to the desired account.
  • Finally, select the option Export Recovery Phrase or Private Key.

Please note:

Although a Recovery Phrase can access multiple wallets, it is done so by accessing the private keys of these wallets. So when you export a private key, it is only for the current account that you are logged into.

Do NOT store this in the cloud or on your device (doc, jpg, screenshot). Write it down on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place!