My swap failed.

If you stumbled upon an error while trying to swap and have checked our general transaction failure article, these are the solutions to some issues you may encounter, that are exclusive to swapping:

1. Slippage Setting stopped you from losing too much value on the swap

If slippage goes over the selected amount the swap will fail. This is because the slippage setting (set by default to a 0.5% amount difference) stops the swap from happening if the estimated price and execution price differ over this percentage, due to the minute-to-minute pricing estimates. You can retry with the same or a different amount of slippage.

2. Liquidity Provider lacks liquidity for your trade

The total liquidity on that pool of tokens isn’t enough to fulfill your solicited transaction. If this happens you just need to select another swap route from the ones offered under the coin you want to swap to.

3. You didn’t receive the intended asset and instead got wSOL as a result.

You may get wrapped SOL (wSOL) when the previously explained cases happen. In order to unwrap it follow the steps explained in this guide.

And that’s a wrap!