Can you help me recover my lost assets?

Solflare can’t help you recover stolen or lost assets.

Due to the way on-chain transactions on the Solana Network work, they can’t be reversed. This means if a token was sent to another account, only that account has the authority to send them back. This is true for all other decentralized blockchain networks.

Furthermore, Solflare is a non-custodial product. This means that we don’t have access to any of our user’s data, including their Mnemonic or Recovery Phrase, or the ability to freeze or seize any account. We recommend the user take safety measures to secure their phrase since we can’t retrieve assets stolen by a bad actor gaining control of the user’s wallet via their Mnemonic.

Here are some typical situations you may encounter as a user:

1. I have sent SOL to a centralized exchange (CEX) and it isn’t showing up!

If the CEX you’ve sent your tokens to does not natively support the Solana Network, they might take up to 24 hours to be settled into your account. If the transaction shows as completed on a Solana blockchain explorer, we suggest you get in touch with the CEX’s support.

2. I have sent other SPL tokens to a CEX and they aren’t showing up!

There are CEXs that only partially support SPL tokens. If the exchange eventually lists that SPL token it may be made available on your account, otherwise you should contact the CEX so they inform you if it’s possible to retrieve those assets. Usually, this entails a finder’s fee.

3. Someone obtained my mnemonic and stole my tokens; can you get them back?

If you’ve given away your mnemonic (recovery phrase), we can’t help you recover the assets, as stated previously as there is no method to stop funds or assets being transferred out of a compromised mnemonic. You must abandon that wallet and mnemonic and generate a new one. If you’ve noticed that there are other assets left, you must act quickly and send whatever is left to a new address. This, however, is a risky procedure, as the scammer/thief might still be on the lookout.

4. Someone stole my assets but there are still some left over, is it safe to move these tokens?

If you think your tokens were manually stolen, there might be an opportunity to recover whatever you have left. We suggest contacting our support team, since we may be able to guide you on the best course of action, even if we can’t retrieve whatever was already stolen.

If your situation has nothing to do with these cases (or even if it does, and you just want a more in-depth look), feel free to send us a message, we’re glad to help you out!

Contact Solflare’s 24/7 chat support team here.