Author: Zachary

Some of Crypto’s Biggest Scams

Here are 5 of the biggest scams that have taken place in crypto.

Easy Money & Veblen Goods

Since 2020, the Fed printed more than half of all the money … ever. This article explains a few second order effects of that.

Solana Pay x Solflare

Solana Pay is a non-custodial method of payment that can disrupt incumbent networks like Visa and Mastercard. You can now buy physical goods, in person, with crypto.

Unbanked to Bankless

The majority of the world has at least one bank account but there are millions of people who don’t. This article looks into the ramifications of that and the promise of going bankless.

What are Perpetual Futures Contacts?

Perpetual Futures contracts are essentially the same as standard futures contracts but they don’t expire. Read this to learn more.

The 3 Wallets Everyone Should Set Up

Raj asked a good question. This article is an answer to it.

What is a Mnemonic Phrase?

A mnemonic phrase, sometimes referred to as a seed phrase, is a 12-24 word sequences that enables a user to access funds in a digital wallet. This article dives deeper into their form and function.

Zeta Spotlight

Zeta.Markets is a powerful under-collateralized derivatives platform that offers futures and options trading. This spotlight is in honor of them going live on Solana’s mainnet yesterday after being ideated at the same hackathon that Solrise came out of.

Web 3: A Path Forward

This article wraps up the 3 part series breaking down the state and function of the internet over time. While the previous articles focused on the cultural movements behind the internet, this one is more oriented towards some of the innovations that will likely define the future of the internet.

Web 2: The Crisis

Web 2: The Crisis is the followup article to Web 1: The Unraveling. Each of these iterations of the internet help describe its nature and function. This article breaks down the importance of the Web 2 era and how it set the stage for Web 3.