03 August 2022
Aug 2022

I got scammed, what should I do?

We’ve all been through a scam. It’s a horrible feeling…

In these situations, it’s important to stay cold-headed, we know it may be a lot to ask of you right now.

You might be thinking that this is just an article suggested by a bot, but it has been written by a human who once, too, got scammed. So, even though Solflare can’t help you recover lost assets, we may be able to help you retrace your steps so you can know what happened, and make sure you’re prepared so it doesn’t happen in the future.

Note: Due to the way on-chain transactions on the Solana Network work, a transaction can’t be reversed. Meaning that if a token was sent to another account, only that account has the authority to send them back.

Solflare is a non-custodial product and we don’t have access to any of our user’s data or assets, including their Mnemonic or Recovery Phrase, or the ability to freeze or seize any account. We recommend the user take safety measures to secure their phrase since we can’t retrieve assets stolen by a bad actor gaining control of the user’s wallet via their Mnemonic.

The most important question is: Do you have an idea of how you got scammed?

If you don’t know how it happened, here are some possibilities:

As we stated before it’s important that you retrace your steps, if you have an idea how it happened. please let us know what you think happened when you decide to go to the support team for help. There’s a new type of scam being cooked up every day, so we also appreciate you letting us know how you think you lost your assets, so we can make Solflare and the Solana network a more secure place for everyone.

We’re on an everlasting quest to keep our users safe!

☝️This might be a cheesy phrase but what it means is that even if you haven’t lost anything and are aware of a current scam going on, we also would like you to inform us.

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