How to revoke approved token transactions (permissions) on the Solflare wallet

If you need to cancel an approved future interaction, we have you covered in this article.

Note: This is a different process than disconnecting from a dApp, which we cover in this article.

Signing a smart contract with your wallet could approve a transaction on your behalf, this transaction can be either recurring or non-recurring. Thus permission to move assets around is granted so that this transaction happens automatically when a certain condition is met, this condition may vary from dApp to dApp, for example when you get liquidated by an exchange.

When you sign one of these contracts, the address you interacted with will be posted on the portfolio screen of your wallet, if by any chance you don’t remember signing one of these types of transactions with your Solflare wallet, you will be able to REVOKE the approval.

There are various ways an approval notification can end up on your portfolio screen; not all are malicious. You might in fact have auctioned off a certain NFT or may have set a futures position that the Decentralized Exchange of your choice needs to liquidate, so constantly clicking on the revoke button will most likely cause you trouble with some dApps.

We recommend you keep a log of what transactions you sign since most dApps don’t name or identify their operating address or the actions their app runs on the Solana network, which makes it harder for less experienced users to identify them. If you’re unsure about the origin of any approval, revoke the transaction or reach out to the support team so we can help you make that decision.

You can also check out this video guide tweet.

(❗)This process will not reverse transactions or transfers that have already taken place.