How to revoke permissions within your Solflare wallet (Extension)

⚠️ Solana Hack August 3rd 2022

There has been an ongoing exploit affecting primarily Phantom and Slope users on Solana. Below is a quick explanation of what you can do to protect yourself. We are investigating the issue and will keep posting updates as soon as we have them.

  1. Transfer any funds from your digital wallets to a hardware wallet like Ledger. Here’s a guide on how to connect your funded Solflare wallet to Ledger and here’s a guide on how to do so with Keystone.
  2. If you don’t have a hardware wallet, generate a new Solflare wallet and transfer funds there.
  3. You can also choose to withdraw your funds directly to a CEX (centralized exchange) like Binance or FTX. If you decide to send assets to a CEX please be sure to double-check if the tokens you are sending are supported by the platform.

Also, you can bulk send your NFTs rather than send them 1 by 1, by using Famous Fox Federation’s bulk NFT transfer tool.

Keep in mind that disconnecting from a particular dApp or site, will only stop that dApp from viewing your wallet address, and tokens, and initiating new transactions. Previously approved token transfers and recurring transactions will not be stopped by doing this. However, revoking a transaction will.

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