How to Unstake Natively Staked SOL (Mobile)

Step 1

  • Go to your Stake Accounts on the Staking tab which has the little piggy bank icon and select the account that you are trying to unstake from.
  • This is also where you claim any staking rewards.

Step 2

Once you’ve finished Step 2, you’ll have to wait until your SOL is unstaked before you can withdraw it.

Unstaking SOL can take up to 3 epochs which translates to roughly 6 days. It will usually not take this long but the Withdraw button will not appear until your SOL is unstaked.

  • Click the button on the bottom right of the screen and select Undelegate.
  • Decide how much SOL you want to undelegate and click Withdraw.

Step 3

  • Check to make sure all the details are correct and Swipe to Confirm the transaction.
  • After 20 network confirmations, your staked SOL is now undelegated and back in your wallet!

Thats really all there is to it.

It’s as easy as (a) 1,2,3 (step process).

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