How to transfer from a Keystore to a Recovery Phrase

If you’re an old Solflare user, there’s a good chance you’ve been managing access to your wallet using a Keystore file. With Solflare, we made the decision to transfer over to Mnemonic / Recovery phrases in place of Keystores. This was driven by a few technical reasons — in short, using Keystores limits us to one account per Solflare wallet, and also restricts what we can do in terms of interoperability.

Old users can easily migrate over to the new system — and this guide is here to walk you through the process. It’s pretty straightforward — once you’ve created a new account using a Mnemonic, you can import your old Keystore in to transfer things over.

Step 1

Step 2

You’ll need to generate a new wallet using a Mnemonic phrase before you can import your Keystore.

Step 3

Note: You can download your Recovery Phrase as a .txt file but it is recommended that you encrypt this file immediately if you choose to download it.

Step 4

Note: If you downloaded it as a .txt file, you can upload it here rather than type it in manually.

Step 5

Set a passcode for your wallet. This step appears after you’ve confirmed your Recovery Phrase above.

Step 6

You’ll now find yourself on the main Solflare dashboard.

You’re all set

When you click Add, the Keystore account will appear in your list of accounts alongside your default Solflare account — you can now access it as normal!

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