How to Swap Tokens Within the Solflare mobile app

Traditional non-custodial wallets often serve three purposes – holding digital assets, receiving and sending out transfers to other wallets, and connecting to web3 platforms. 

Solflare, on the other hand, has built advanced features within its wallet application without sacrificing its visual simplicity or user experience. Alongside efficient staking capabilities, Solflare offers a seamless in-app swap interface where you can trade any SPL token for another.

This guide utilizes Solflare’s mobile app interface but you can also do this on the web or the extension.

Step 1

  • Open Solflare wallet and go to the Swap tab which is located directly in the middle of the app.

Step 2

  • Type in how much of what token you want to buy
  • With the Jupiter Aggregator integration in our in-wallet swap, we can offer our users the widest range of tokens and the best route discovery between any token pair, guaranteeing the best price swaps and most liquid sources.
  • You can configure slippage (The maximum difference between your estimated price and execution price) using the settings button at the top right corner of the Swap feature.
  • The default slippage tolerance is set to 0.5%.
    • Once everything is set click Swap, and then Swipe to Confirm the transaction.


    • Make sure to keep always an active balance of at least 0.05 SOL. This balance is necessary to cover transaction fees, especially considering that certain swap transactions require multiple routes for successful execution.

    It is really that easy!

    Once you’ve confirmed the transaction, it’s then submitted to Solana’s validators and after 20 confirmations, the swap will be completed.

    Check your portfolio page and you’ll see your balances updated.

    You’ll also get a notification sent to your device with details of the transaction.