10 December 2021
Dec 2021
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MeanFi’s IDO

MeanFi, a permissionless banking service provider on Solana, is releasing their MEAN token through two avenues, a Mean Launch and through the lottery system on Solanium‘s Launchpad. The Mean Launch comprises aspects of a traditional launchpad, a Mango-style contract, and a fair auction using an LBP (liquidity bootstrapping pool). 

20% of the tokens purchased in the IDO are immediately available while the remaining 80% are money streamed over the next 12 months. Presently, Solflare is the only wallet that will support these money streams.

The Mean Launch will contain the following:

  1. A valuation cap to prevent runaway valuations that can harm investors. Once this cap is reached, the list of addresses with guaranteed allocations is full. All other contributions from that point forward will go into a waiting list that will backfill any withdrawals from the guaranteed allocation.
  2. A max contribution bonding curve that enables earlier investors to acquire more MEAN tokens at higher prices and later investors to acquire less MEAN tokens at lower prices.
  3. A single active contribution per user that can be freely deposited and withdrawn at any time.


The Mean Launch will take place directly on beginning at 13:00 UTC on December 15th and ending at 13:00 UTC on December 17th. Solanium’s launch is currently in the whitelisting phase with the lottery and sale taking place on December 18th at 12:00 UTC. 

Once the Solanium lottery and sale are over, MEAN tokens will be tradable on, Orca, and Raydium starting December 21st at 04:00 UTC.

Mean Launch Schedule 

Solanium’s Launchpad schedule

In each of these cases, investors will need to have an SPL compatible wallet that is funded and connected to the launch platform. If you haven’t already set up a wallet, you can do so here. Connecting to MeanFi and Solanium, or any Solana app is a simple process that is explained in this guide. 

Money Streams & MEAN Distribution

For a deeper understanding of all the benefits of money streaming and the many features that MeanFi has to offer, be sure to check out our spotlight article on them here

For all the details that the Mean team has released about its IDO, check out their latest blog post here

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